Committee Members 2022


Peter Gunn, President,      Chairman,
& Head Green Keeper

Tel.07775 013615

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David Heath,       Vice Chairman

Tel.07855 105905

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Esther Romain,    Hon. Secretary
& Fixture Secretary

Tel. 07970265539


Ian Roberts
Hon. Treasurer

Tel. 01933 665206


Richard Sharpe, Membership Secretary

Tel.01933 359792


Trevor Brushfield,
Bar Manager

Tel.01933 551143

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Ray Campbell
Committee Member

Tel.01933 355628


Brenice Willmott
Committee Member
& Coach


Dick Clark

Tel. 01933 316484


Sam Simpson
Safeguarding Officer

& Health & Safety officer

Tel. 07801 559000


Scott Simpson
Fire Prevention Officer

Tel. 07917 356059

Tel.01933 413041

Our Club Captains


Peter Gunn

Saturday & Midweek Captain

Tel. 07775 013615

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Ray Campbell

Sunday Captain

Tel. 01933 355628


Scott Simpson

Men's Captain

Tel. 07917 356059.




1.    The Club shall be called IRCHESTER BOWLING CLUB


2.    The object of the club is to provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport  of                        Bowling and to provide and maintain a clubhouse and all other necessary facilities for the use of club members.




3.    The club is a non-profit making club where any surplus income or gains are to be invested in the club. 

       No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members  or third parties. 

       The club shall consist of a specified number of members, set by the A.G.M on recommendation of the elected                                 committee, plus honorary members at the discretion of the committee and the General Meeting.

       Membership is limited by available facilities on a non-discriminatory basis.


General Meetings

4.    a) A General Meeting shall take place during the month of November in each year

        and in any event a period of fifteen months shall not elapse with a General  Meeting being called.

        All members to be given 21 days notice.


       b) The General Committee may summon an Extraordinary General Meeting at  anytime giving 14 days notice.


       c) An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called by over 25% of the members

        of the club.

        Such a meeting shall give 14 days notice and shall state the purpose for which the meeting is called.

        No other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.


      d)  Attendance to the A.G.M. or E.G.M is encouraged. 

         However should a member be unable to attend due to Holiday, Illness or  unavoidable absence, then the member                          may register with the secretary for a Postal or Email Vote.



5.    a) The affairs of the club shall be conducted by the committee consisting of:

        Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Green Keeper

        Fixture Secretary, Membership Secretary, Competition Secretary, Bar Manager

        Plus 5 committee members. A quorum to be formed by 7 members.

        The committee have the right to co-opt members onto the committee to fill available positions.


    b) The members of the committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting,

         all nominations for the committee shall be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary

         or their name placed on the board displayed in the clubhouse at least 14 days  before the A.G.M 


    c) Membership of the club shall imply an obligation to indemnify the office holders

        and committee members of and from all liability undertaken by them on behalf of the club jointly with all other                             members.


Committee Powers

6.    a) The committee shall have the power to employ anyone to work on behalf of the  club, and dismiss those                                           employed as it may deem necessary.


    b) The committee may from time to time repeal and amend regulations 

        (not inconsistent with these rules) as it shall think expedient for the management  and well being of the club.



7.       There shall be three Trustees elected at the A.G.M from within the membership

         to oversee the general well being of the club. 

         The period of office shall be for  Three years with effect from the A.G.M

         Trustees will not be eligible for immediate re-election.

         During the time of their trusteeship no member shall be eligible to serve on the General Committee.

         Should a vacancy occur for whatever reason within the period of Trusteeship an

         E.G.M. shall be called within 14 days to fill the vacancy and then the period of

         Trusteeship shall be for three years following the next A.G.M.  Any change to the

         Trusteeship requires notification to Irchester Parish Council within 14 days of



Borrowing Powers

8.      If at any time the club in General Meeting shall pass a resolution authorised the  committee to borrow money the                        committee shall be empowered to borrow for the  purpose of the club, such amount of money, either at one time  or from          time to time at such a rate of interest and in such form and manner and upon such security as shall be specified in such              resolution.


Members Not to Make Profit Out Of The Club

9.      No member shall receive profit or salary from the funds or transactions of the club.

         Ideally Jobs around the club are completed by members voluntarily.

         However if the job requires a skilled professional tradesman the   committee must obtain 3 quotes. 

         A member may tender for the work,  and if their quote is favourable, the committee may ask them to                                                undertake the work.


        The committee will only require the tender for quotations on work over the value  of £300.


10.    Upon dissolution of the club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to  another registered CASC, a                               registered charity or the sports governing body for use by  them in community related sports.


Supply of Liquor

11.     Alcohol may be supplied to members and their guests for consumption on the club  premises.

           Both members and their guests shall pay the appropriate charge as fixed by the committee.

           Alcohol for consumption off the premises may be supplied to members only.

           We do allow members to bring guests to the club, but request they complete the visitors signing in book.

           Visiting team members may bring along their guests, subject to any condition attached to the registration                                       certificate for the club premises.

           Whilst the clubhouse is being hired out for an event, the sponsor, or a club member must remain on the                                           premises at all times.

           Alcohol may be sold or supplied to those present at the event for consumption on the  club premises.

            Gifts of alcohol to captains of opposing teams may be consumed off the premises.


Permitted Hours

12.       The permitted hours for the supply of Alcohol shall be the general

             licensing hours for the Licensing District in which the club is situate as provided by the Licensing Act 2003.

            These may be varied from time to time, by the committee, in accordance  with the  Statutory provisions for the                             time being in force.

13.       No member shall be entitled to gain commission, percentage or profit from the sale  of alcohol.



14.     The purchase of alcohol for supply by the club shall be controlled

           by a sub-committee of not less that 3 members being members of the  general committee, appointed by the                                    committee for that purpose.

           In the event any member ceasing to be a member of the sub-committee  the committee may appoint another                                  member in their place.

           The committee may also from time to time appoint from among its members such sub-committee as it may deem                        necessary or expedient.



15.       This constitution may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any Annual  or Extra Ordinary General                           Meeting provided that no such resolution shall be deemed     to have been passed unless it is carried by a                                         majority of at least two thirds of the   members voting on such a resolution. Further the committee shall be the                             sole authority for interpretation of this Constitution and of the regulations made from  time to time by the                                     committee.


Membership of the Club

16.       Membership of the club shall be open to all persons irrespective of ethnicity,  nationality, sexual orientation,                                 religious beliefs, or of age, sex or disability,  except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of Bowling as                         a particular sport.

            The club may refuse membership or expel from membership only for good and  sufficient cause, such as conduct                         or character likely to bring the club or sport into  disrepute.

            Appeal against such a decision may be made to the Club’s Trustees, and decided by the Trustees majority vote.

            A further appeal may be made to Bowls England.

Short Mats    

17.     The Club holds Short Mat sessions between October and April, run by the Short Mat Organiser.

          The Short Mat Club is registered with the Short Mat National Bowling Association.

           Friendly matches against local clubs are arranged.

           This facility is available for our Full Members, or Associated members, who have  been members of the club for at                        least ten years, but who no longer bowl outside.

           A fixed yearly membership is charged, with a further fixed charge payable at each  session.

           Short Mat members who are not full members do not have authorisation to use the outdoor green at any time.


Disciplinary and Appeal Procedures

18.      The Disciplinary and Appeal Procedures of the Irchester Bowling Club   will comply with the Bowls England                                   Regulation 9.  DISCIPLINARY   RULES IN RELATION TO MISCONDUCT AT CLUB LEVEL AND AT  LICENSED                       TOURNAMENTS - MISCONDUCT  in their booklet Approved September 2019

            A copy of this booklet will be held in the clubhouse.


Safeguarding and Child Protection

18.      Irchester Bowling Club has adopted the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy from guidelines as laid down by                         Bowls England


Dated: 26th February, 2021

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1.     Footwear: Only Regulation bowling shoes are allowed to be worn on the green

2.     Saturday & Sunday matches Whites to be worn unless otherwise stated on match sheet.

3.    Midweek matches, Greys to be worn unless otherwise stated on match sheet.

4.    *Club Competitions:- Preliminary rounds Greys to be worn                 

         Finals:- Whites or Creams to be worn

          All Markers to wear Whites & Club Shirts

5.    *Roll ups: Smart Casual Clothing.  Ladies No Sleeveless Tops.

6.     Blazers are optional for Saturday & Sunday matches with or without  County badges

         *With exception of The Romans Cup Competition

Whites consist of:-

             Gentlemen          Trousers or White Bowls Shorts,  Club shirt                                                                                        White Socks    White Pullover (if Required)

              Ladies                  Skirt or Trousers Full length or Crops, or 

                                            Bowls England Shorts

                                            Club shirt,  White Cardigan/Jacket / club jacket

Greys consist of:-

            Gentlemen            Grey Trousers or Grey Bowls Shorts,   

                                            Club shirt,  White Pullover  (if Require

           Ladies                    Grey Skirt or Trousers Full length or Crops

                                            Club shirt, White Cardigan/Jacket/club jacket


    White Waterproofs when required to be worn for both white and greys    

    Plain White Caps, Visor, or Hats may also be worn with both Whites & Greys.  

Dated 26th February, 2021