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 Season 2023


Closing date for Competition Entry Forms is Friday 1st April

Competition draw will be made on Friday 22nd April

It is the responsibility of both teams/individuals to arrange the fixture for their match

by mutual and fair agreement. 

There will be NO extension allowed to the scheduled play by dates. 

To avoid congestion, please book your rink as soon as possible. 

If a team cannot play a match by the play by date, a substitute player may be found. 

Each team will be allowed one substitute. 

If in a singles competition, the game will be forfeited. 

If a team cannot fulfil their commitment, they will forfeit the game. 

In order to maintain the knockout schedule, if neither team or singles can play their match by the play by date, 

the match will be decided by a toss of a coin.

In singles, if a player knows that they are unable to play in the scheduled final, they should forfeit the semi-final game,    

so that the final can be played.

If a player in a team is unable to play in the scheduled final, a replacement must play in the semi-final as well as the final.

If none of the team are available, then the losing semi-finalist will the final.


A substitute cannot be a player who is already in the same competition,

 (Aus Pairs, Mon 0r Wed)

A substitute cannot play in the Skip's position. 

A player may only be substituted twice in any competition.

For a fixed date match, the player who is unable to play must find a substitute. 

For a fixed date match, if two players cannot play, the match is forfeited. 

Fixed date matches cannot be re-scheduled unless the green is unplayable, or County Matches require the green, 

or with the Competition Committees permission


Other than the singles competitions, a replacement can be made for a player who is unable to partake in any 

future games in that Competition. No fee is required.

Bad weather:-

No games will take place if the green has been closed by the green keeper. 

If rain occurs during a match, the score after 15 completed ends will qualify for a result. 

If mutual agreement is made to leave the green before this, the match must be restarted at the current score,  

within one week, but not after the Play by date.

When play is possible, the player refusing to start, or continue a match, will forfeit the game. 

Any player/team knowingly contravening these rules, may be refused entry into the following season's competitions.

Any queries, contact,  The Competition Committee

07775 013615

                                                                IRCHESTER BOWLS CLUB

                 Triples League Competition Rules  Season 2023

                                                    (18 Ends.  No Trial Ends)

1.            All games are to be played on the scheduled dates, without exception, unless the

               Green Keeper has closed the green for any reason.


2.             All teams will have a minimum 5, and maximum 6 players, 

               Each member MUST PLAYin at least 2 games.


3.             Matches cannot be postponed for any reason.

                Teams unable to play a match will forfeit the game and their opponents,

                will be awarded 2 points and 10 shots.


4.          Substitutes will be allowed but may only play twice for the team.

             The substitute can be of either gender.

             The substitute must not belong to another team.

5.            Dead End.  In the event of a dead end, there is no penalty and the end must 

             be replayed


6 .           Tied End.   In the event of a tied end, the end will count but there will be no score.


7.           Scorecards to be completed by the team on the left of the the card.

              The card must clearly show the team names and players surnames,

               and the final score.


8.            Abandoned Game. If a game is abandoned after commencement of play:

               the following shall apply:-

               If less than 12 ends have been played, the score will be carried over to a

               re-arranged date (with the same players), and continued from the point in

              the game, at which the game was abandoned.

               If 12 or more ends have been completed, the score will count and the match  

              cannot be re-arranged


9.           Points awarded for a match will be :- 2 for a win and 1 for a draw.


10.         The team with the highest nuumber of points after all the matches will

              be the league winner. In the event that there is a tie on points,

             the aggregate number of shots over all matches, will determine the winner.


Any queries please contact the Competition Committee 07775 013615‬


Competition Rules 2023

 The Australian Pairs Competition is played for the ‘William Abel Shield.’

 This trophy was inaugurated by the late David Abel to commemorate his father, the late 

William Abel and his grandson William Abel who lives in Brisbane Australia


1.           Pairs competition and is for all club members, with pairings being drawn.


2.           Each team in their group will play all other teams in their group.


3.           The format is, on the first and all odd No. ends 

               Player  ‘A’ will bowl 2 woods.

               Player ‘B’ will then bowl all 4 woods, 

                then player ‘A’ will bowl his remaining 2 woods.

                On the second end and all even No. ends, 

                Player ‘B’ will be lead/skip.


4.            Games will be played over 16 ends. 10 points for a win, 5 points for a draw,

               1 point for each end won, for both teams. 

               Tied ends both teams score ½ point.


5.           Winners and runners up in their groups will play in the semi-finals.

              Winners of each group will play the runners up in the other group.

              The winners of these games will progress  to the final, to be played on 

                the club Finals dates.


6.        Trial ends are optional for semi-finals and final games only.


7.          Players cannot visit the head.



1.             If a team fails to turn up on a scheduled date, the game shall be forfeited and the  

                opposing team will be awarded 18 Points

2.           If a substitute player is used, one of the original pairing must play.

3.           If a player cannot play in the semi-final or final, a replacement player must be found  

                for both games.

4.            If an emergency arises and both players are unable to play, 

               please contact the Comp. Sec.

5.           Scorecards should be completed with both teams players names plus date played.

Any queries please contact The Competition Committee 07775 013615‬



FRIDAYS 6.30pm start

1.          Games will be rinks or triples dependant on number of players

             Open to all club members & NON MEMBERS


2.          Dress Code is smart casual with flat shoes


3.          Games will be played on Friday Evenings 6.30pm

             Registration will close at 6.15pm


4.         Games will be 16 Ends (rinks) and 14 end (triples) with no trial ends


5.         In the event of a dead end there will be no penalty and the end replayed


6.         In the event of a tied end, the end will count but there will be no score


7.        Teams will be DRAWN


8.         3 Points for a win, 2 for a draw, and 1 point for a loss


9.         In the event of games being abandoned after commencement of play

           if (12 ends for rinks). (11 for triples) or more ends have been completed 

            the score will count


            If less than 12/11 ends have been played the games will be abandoned 

            with each player getting 1 point


         If there is a tie on points, the aggregate No. of shots will determine the 

         league positions.


10.    The Romans Cup will be awarded to the winner of the league (male or female)

         The Romans Shield will be awarded for the highest league position of opposite

         gender to that of the Romans Cup Winner


11.    Only Club Members can win a trophy

Any queries please contact Pam Armstrong. 07557 308923


Wednesdays 2pm

(16 Ends)


Please arrive no later than 1.45pm ready to draw for position


Greys to be worn


Please bring three woods - depending on attendance  it may

be rinks or triples.



3 Point Win/ 2 Points for a draw/ 1 point for playing


At the end of the season the winners are announced

The winning man has his name engraved on the Cup

The Winning Lady has her name engraved on the shield.


Normal Circumstances - tea/biscuits served at half time.

Fee Charged £1.50


Monies raised donated to the club and charity.

Any queries please contact The Secretary 07970265539

Scroxton Plate Competition

The Scroxton plate is run for the losers

of preliminary round or round one if no preliminary round,

for both male and female.

it is played with 2 woods over 21 ends 

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