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Short Mat Organiser
Richard Sharpe
Tel. 01933 359792




110 High Street,



NN29 7AB

Short Mat Bowls

Equipment to be used is the same as that for playing on the larger indoor or outdoor surfaces.

There are regulations as regards the weight or size of the bowl to be used but, in the main, those who have the necessary equipment for playing the outdoor or full-length indoor flat green game would be correctly set up to play the short mat game.

The basic skills required for playing the short mat game are exactly those for playing the flat green game indoors and outdoors. These are, of course, line and length. Any short mat player must practice and perfect both as far as possible. He must develop a good ‘eye’ for the line and a good ‘feel’ for the weight he needs to bowl a correct length.

The fact that normal-size bowls can be used will also assist the player in developing his individual grip. He will also learn that it is essential to get the body as close to the playing surface as possible, and he will certainly learn the importance of the speed of the arm coming through to enable him to bowl the required length.

Season 2021/2022

Only Members may join the short mat team.  This is an extension of your membership for £10 for the season.

Please contact Richard Sharpe to register
We have a maximum number allowed of 50 members.

Short Mat Sessions run on Mondays & Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm
£1.50 per session, which includes Tea & Biscuits.

We also have a Friday Evening Session 7pm - 9pm 

Our club is affiliated to NSMBA,  (Northants Short Mat Bowling Association) and we arrange
friendly fixtures with other clubs during the season.

Fixtures 2022
Tuesday 25th Jan   - HOME    v Stanwick
Tuesday 22nd Mar - AWAY.    v Stanwick

Thursday10th Feb 2022 - AWAY      v Irchester Saints
   Home Game to be re-arranged

Thursday 31st March AWAY v Swanspool Seniors