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A folder marked 'The early years' is held in our clubhouse.

This contains comprehensive information of the early years of our club.

history of Irchester Bowling Club
Founded in 1930's

Stroll through the gateway, stand and enjoy the peace & quiet of our beautiful club.

Everything you see, Buildings, Sheds, Paving, Trees, Flowers etc have been put there

by our members who give up their time and energy to make ongoing improvements to the club.

For which we are all most grateful

Irchester Bowling Club was first founded in the 1930's in the vicinity of the present day football club.

It fell into disuse during the Second World War, with the fig for victory campaign which put the green and surrounding area into food production.

The present green was laid at the same time as Parsons Hall was built in 1952

by E. Parsons & son, pork pie manufacturers, he maintained the green for his workers until 1964.

In the committee meeting minutes of the 15th April, 1964 a letter was read out from E. Parsons & son informing the club that they (the club) would take over the running and maintenance of the green at the end of the season, it was decided that 3 members would meet  Mr Parson to discuss the matter.

At a special committee meeting held on the 10th June 1964, the report of the interview with Mr F.R. Parson was given.

A meeting of members was held on the 15th June and accepted the committee decision to take over the green as of 10th July 1964. Trustees were nominated.

12th April 1965 Committee meeting, a letter from Messrs Bowyers Ltd in reply to one sent, stated that the club may use the green until the premises are sold.

The club played as Irchester Bowls Club in the Manfield Cup 1965

12th Sept 1966 a meeting was called to discuss the future of the club with the new owner Mr Hamblin.

12th October 1966 a AGM took place, with 15 members present.

3rd May 1967 the committee decided to arrange a meeting with Mr Hamblin to talk things over and to make an offer of £500 to buy the green. This was not accepted.

A new agreement to use the green was proposed Mr Hamblin, the club may use the green in 1968, with a months notice to quit.

28th October 1969 the Secretary was called by a Mr Harrington, and was informed that the owners of the green and surrounding land had decided to sell for £3000, after negotiations this was reduced to £2,300

Early in 1970 with loans from members, grants and club funds £2,085 was available.

At the 29th Jan 1970 committee meeting the chairman gave a full report on the position of the club and stated that he thought many new members would have to be enrolled if the club was to be able to carry on in the future, and that present membership would not be viable.  If the club looked like folding in a year or two it would not be right to accept grants and loans on principle.

The club continued under the same agreement of Mr Hamblin for a further 8 years.

Directly after the AGM of 1978 the club was disbanded.

A public meeting was held on 9th Sept 1987 to decide on the formation of the management committee to develop the Bowling Green,

£3000 from the Parish Council was paid into the club account but held by the Council.

In Jan/feb, 1988, 14 fixtures with other clubs were arranged.  We had 77 members.

Plans for a permanent clubhouse were approved in March 1990, building work commenced immediately, with members doing all manner of labouring, bricklaying and other "skills".  The cost of the building was a little under £20,000.

The clubhouse was formally opened in 1991 by club member George Willmott.

The green was awarded an 'A' grade in 1997, a well justified reward for all the hard work .

It is now recognised as one of the best bowling greens in the County.

In 2005 an extension to the clubhouse was built doubling its original size.

The extra space provides the opportunity for members to play Short-Mat bowls, and for many social events.

The club plays a full part in the Bowls Northants matches, and the club is proud to have provided the county with the

N.B.A. President in 2001 & N.W.C.B.A president in 2015

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